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MP replacement procedures

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MP replacement procedures

Dear all,
I have to replace a defective MP in a rp7410 server.
I tried to find a documentation that describes the steps to follow for MP replacement, but I did no find in HP web site, nor HP documentation (docs.hp.com)
Please help me to find an official HP documentation that describes all the procedures to follow.

Thank you in advance
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Re: MP replacement procedures


I was thinking only HP replaces the MP however few things I know are
1.Make a copy of the lan configuration
2.Make sure to put the firmware as in the old MP
3.The HOST ID will change when you replace it and that can be put by HP(they have a passwd to change and make it same as the existing)

For all the above reasons I would recommend that if you are under HP warranty/contract to engage HP in doing this.


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Re: MP replacement procedures

Hi samshen,
There is no worry in replacing the MP. Ensure your shutting down the affected partition. rp7410 will have two MP , Lower board #1 is Primary and upper board #0 is standby. Mp is designed in such a way that it can hot plug. But the safe procedure to do the replacement activity is

1. Shut down the affected partition and power down at least the PCI domain
using the PE command in the MP.
2. Wait for the Power LED on the board to turn off and remove the card.
3. Insert a new MP into the slot and power it on by using the PE command.

Thanks and regards
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Re: MP replacement procedures


MP is part of Core I/O, the core I/O is located in the rear of the chassis. The core I/O is a hot-pluggable component and is easily replaced. However, the Operating System on the nPartition must be shutdown to replace this FRU. Do NOT power off any part of the system or nPartition.

Make proper Electrostatic Discharge and perform daily ESD selftest.
Make sure the replacement card for proper revision and part number.

Locate the battery on the new MP. There should be a mylar strip installed that keeps the battery out of circuit. This
strip must be removed before the MP is install into a system. If no mylar strip is installed, you should momentarily
break the battery connection to insure that no previous information is stored on the MP that would conflict with your
current configuration.

Step 1. Save all MP networking details, including: the IP address, hostname, subnet mask, gateway, and other information.
From the MP Command menu enter the LS command to display the current MP customer LAN interface status.
Step 2. Label and remove all cables connected to the core I/O to be removed.
Step 3. Loosen the two retaining screws securing the assembly to the chassis.
Step 4. Securely grasp the handle on the core I/O assembly.
Step 5. Carefully slide the core I/O from the chassis.
Step 6. Note core I/O defective for future reference.
Step 7. Remove the handle from the core I/O assembly and install it on the replacement assembly.

After reseating the Card lastley perform the below procedure to check if everything is working fine..

Reset the partition using the MP RR command. This will stop the boot process at BIB and
firmware revision of the newly installed MP and either update or backdate the firmware as
need to configure IP address, hostname, subnet mask, gateway, and other information.

Finally configure the Lan Settings, using the settings from the Old faulty card...

Hope this answers your Query..

Best Regards,