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Memory Slot details

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Memory Slot details

Dear Team,
i have an RP4440 machine currently we are planning upgrade the machine with more memory. My questions are
1) what will be the maximum memory support on this machine?
as per hp specification it is 128
2) am pasting the o/p of cstm which shows the currently occupied dim slots

Basic Memory Description

Module Type: MEMORY
Total Configured Memory : 12288 MB
Page Size: 4096 Bytes

Memory interleaving is supported on this machine and is ON.

Memory Board Inventory

DIMM Slot Size (MB)
--------- ---------
0A 1024
0B 1024
0C 1024
0D 1024
1A 1024
1B 1024
1C 1024
1D 1024
2A 1024
2B 1024
2C 1024
2D 1024
3A 0
3B 0
3C 0
3D 0
--------- ---------
System Total (MB): 12288

Memory Error Log Summary

Board Error Address Error Type Page Count
------------- ----------------- ---------- --------- -----
0a 0x0000000254909600 Single-Bit 0x0254909 17

so how much memory we can add more on this. Please suggest
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Re: Memory Slot details

You have to look at the server documentation.
and specially to installation guide
The following is supported on the HP 9000 rp4440 servers:
- 16 DIMM slots on standard memory extender board.
- 32 DIMM slots on optional memory extender board.
- Maximum memory size of 128 GB (4 GB DIMMs on 32-slot memory extender board).
- Supports up to 32 Double Data Rate (DDR) registered ECC memory, in PC2100 DIMMs.

Supported DDR DIMM sizes are 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB.

you have the 16 dimm memory extender.
So if you replace the dimm by a 4GB, you will go to 64GB of memory. If you want to add more memory without replacing the 1GB dimm, I think you could install only 16GB.

Hope it helps
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Re: Memory Slot details


you have right on the HP site specification,

the maximum size of memmory could be a 128 GB

16x8GB memmoery module.

- in my case that we upgraded, we call to HP support, and tell them how much memmory we would like to have in finaly in the servers,

They told us exct wich memmory modules could meixed together, they have a special support matrice.

After answer we buy som modules, and some smaller modelules was replaced in other server. for example in rp3440 we had 4x2GB memmory modules so we switch it with 8x1 GB ram.

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Re: Memory Slot details


mi mistake, 32x 4 GB ram modules.

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Re: Memory Slot details

Hello Kumar,

Only the ORDER of nserting into proper slots is VERY imporant. lso RAM SIZE also matters.

In your case 12 solts are filled (12GB) and now 4 are empty.

Mannual should provide you if you can mix the RAM size and in which slots.

if they also mixing of difft sizes and then you might have to change the order.

if you have the support HP will do it FREE for you.

Otherwise you can do yourself. since its a rp4440. its easy.

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Re: Memory Slot details

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Re: Memory Slot details

As it is you can add 16GB (4 x 4GB DIMMs) in the 4 empty DIMM slots in bank 3. So your total will be 28GB. If you want more than that, you would have to remove the smaller capacity 1GB DIMMs 4-at-a-time and replace them with higher density DIMMs or add another memroy carrier. Yes you can mix and match different capacity DIMMs but you have to have them in sets of 4, same capacity in the same bank if that is what you are asking. Ganesan's link shows it very clearly in the "memory" section.