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Minimum to keep rp7420 running

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Minimum to keep rp7420 running

We have a rp7420 with two partitions. In each partition, a cell is running.
Due to we have some electrical issues, we want to reorder the electrical cables in the data center.
As the services on the rp7420 are critical, we don't want shutdown the server.
I know that the server have four entries for power cords (A0, A1, B0, B1) and two BPS (BPS0 and BPS1).
My questions are:
How many power cords are the minimum necessary to keep the server running ?
With MP, How could I verify the operational state of the power cords (A0, A1, B0, B1) ?
Thanks in advance
Jose Mosquera
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Re: Minimum to keep rp7420 running


The minimum necessary is one of them, others are redundant to avoid power outages. In your case if have four power cords (A0, A1, B0 and B1) can distribute them enter your couple power sources (BPS0 and BPS1). This mean A0 & B0 in BPS0, and A1 & B1 in BPS1. Of course, I guess that BPS0 and BPS1 are differents power nets. This not only will guard you in case of electrical outages, also offers you done electrical maintenance at invidual nets without disturb your system production.

HP-UX have the Event Monitoring Service (EMS) daemon to detect any hardware failure, including power sources (A0, A1, B0 and B1). Event notification ussually makes by /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log file. You could analyze the content of this file, or configures other notification ways (i.e:email message).

AT MP layer you could consult the hardware events log.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Minimum to keep rp7420 running


rp7420 is a cell based server. Each cell has electrical isolation.

Technically you can run the complex on a single plug to the power supply that runs the cell. This might result in you finding a power supply that is flaky and some downtime anyway.

At the very least your user community needs to be warned of potential downtime. Better still to actually schedule some.

nparstatus will provide you some information as will the console based utilities.

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Re: Minimum to keep rp7420 running

I think you need a minimum of 2.. one from each A or B.
Hakuna Matata

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Jose Mosquera
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Re: Minimum to keep rp7420 running

Hi again,

To give you a precise technical information about this theme, please refer at this HP-9000 rp7420 Server document. AC/DC Power section:

The service processor (MP or GSP) has a set of menus that give you access to various commands, consoles, log files, and other features. The Command-Menu includes service, status, system access, and other
PS=Display detailed power and hardware configuration status.

I hope to have resolved on this occasion your questions.

Best regards.
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Re: Minimum to keep rp7420 running