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Move from 700/96 Terminal to Thin Client

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Move from 700/96 Terminal to Thin Client

Hi, I have an rp3410.


It was previously connected to an 700/96 Terminal via cable 24542G, but I would like to be able to connect this to our t5000 series thin client and use that in future.


Could anyone advise if it is 'simply' a case of connecting this cable to the thin clients parallel port and then configuring the terminal emulator; or would I need a completely different cable that would connect into its serial port?


Many thanks



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Re: Move from 700/96 Terminal to Thin Client

I think you currently have 25 pin to 9 pin, but you probably need 9 pin to 9 pin.


This cable would be nothing special, just null modem.

Hope this helps!

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