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Multi iniator Support for U160 - continued

Iain Ashley_1
Occasional Visitor

Multi iniator Support for U160 - continued

I have two rp2470's each with an A6829A connected to a DS2300 with MC/SG. I am getting a chassis error on POST, which I have decoded as "CC_IO_SET_SCSI_AUTO_TERM_ERR".

In HP's document on autotermination it says:

"If an HBA with the auto termination feature enabled is connected to another device which uses the same method of auto-sensing (for example, another HBA), then the auto termination feature will not work properly. In this case, disable the auto termination."

If I disable autotermination I would need to use inline terminated cables, but they are not supported on these HBA's - Where do I go from here?
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Multi iniator Support for U160 - continued

Hi Iain,

make sure that you always connect only one HBA to each DS2300 Controller.

The Chassis Code could of cause also be a result of a hardware problem. Please try the following:

1. Shutdown the server
2. Stop at BCH during bootup
3. Enter PDH Service Menu
4. enter "scsi"

This will display the SCSI table with settings for SCSI ID, rate and auto termination. Please post the table, I expect there are unusual entries. Could you please also provide the PDC firmware version & DS2300 firmware version (use xstm, mstm or cstm to get it). Of cause it may also be a good idea to open a hardware call at your local response center and let them check ...

Best regards

Rothery Harris
Trusted Contributor

Re: Multi iniator Support for U160 - continued

Dear Stefan,

The DS2300 does not support multi-initiator SCSI bus connections using the Ultra 160 SCSI HBA. This is well documented.
I think there was supposed to be a solution or patch available for HP-UX 11.11. The ILT cables are not available for this solution but this only compromises online replacement of the DS2300. I think the termination is sorted by using split bus mode but I am nor sure.

Iain Ashley_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Multi iniator Support for U160 - continued

Dear Rothery,

I have found documentation to say that they are supported now. There has been an HPUX patch as well as hardware and firmware revision update. The hardware I am using is compliant. The ds2300 is configured split bus. The system is working perfectly OK, I am just getting this weird chassis code relating to an AUTOTERM config error. I can't see anything wrong with the SCSI table in the BCH:SER
Iain Ashley_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Multi iniator Support for U160 - continued

So after a lot of mucking about - it turns out that there is nothing wrong with the config at all and that the culprit was a USB card that does not seem to like sharing an elroy chip with anything else. When inserted into a twin turbo slot, there is no error, when placed into a turbo slot without anything in it's pair, there is no error, but as soon as any other card goes onto the second rope, the error appears (it changes depending on the type of card). I have tried a video card, a lan/scsi combo card, and the dual u160, it doesn't matter wich rope the USB card is on.
haven't checked the release notes yet, but that's next.