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N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

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Ralph Grothe
Honored Contributor

Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

Hi Torsten,

as said, I won't use force if the male and female ends of socket don't seem to match.
I think (hope) this will be conspicuous.

The box that requires the memory extension has long expired any support contracts.
Of course I will be in trouble anyway when I screw up the hardware with this tinkering.
At least I have as last resort a vacant N-Class to "failover".
But this would require much more work,
viz. connections, OS, SW etc.

Madness, thy name is system administration
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Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

It might be risky to insert the N-class carrier into the L-class as mentioned. Carefully compare the connectors and watch for closed holes!
I guess it won't fit or work.

A broken or bent pin on the systemboard is a real showstopper.

IMHO there is something to prevent this kind of exchange components between L- and N-class by design because of different prices in the past ...

BTW, it will give you more performance to use the N-class anyway, for example you can use 4 carries instead of only 2 - even with the same amount of memory (of course with a reasonable amount of dimms).

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?


i dont think you'll have a problem if you take care.

I have used the l class ones in the n's and the n4000 ones in the l3000's before for testing.

physically there the same, apart from the part number sticker and in the fru list there seen as the part number thats on them not the one that it should be. if your not bothered about support with hp you'll be fine.

Also the memory is all the same aswell. works in the A,l and N classes.

again it will see it as the part number on the dimm as opposed to the correct used one for support.


rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

When mixing and matching DIMMs from HP servers which have ostensibly similar memory subsystems, keep in mind:

Supported, known to work -> warm fuzzies all around
Supported, not known to not work -> an HPite may be in trouble
Supported, known to not work -> an HPite is in trouble
Unsupported, known to work -> lucky today, unlucky tomorrow?
Unsupported, not known to not work -> there but for the grace of Turing
Unsupported, known to not work -> no, it was not deliberate ;-)

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Ralph Grothe
Honored Contributor

Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

Torsten, Andrew,

thanks again for your advice and for sharing your experience.


I really like your {,un}supported matrix :-))
Sounds like a code of conduct for HPites.

Madness, thy name is system administration
Esteemed Contributor

Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

i can confirm the ram in n-class and l-class servers are of different part numbers though the dimm size is the same. hence, it's not supported by hp for putting n-class dimms into a l3000 server. try it with luck.
Marcel Burggraeve
Trusted Contributor

Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

Although most likely not supported by HP I can confirm you can swap around both memory and carriers from L-Class to N-Class and the other way around.
There's one physical difference between the two carriers, the one in the L-Class has a pin on the top side which you can just remove after which it will fit perfectly in a N-Class.
Ralph Grothe
Honored Contributor

Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

Hello Guys,

thanks again for your help.

Meanwhile, to my own surprise, in our data center I discovered another decommissioned L-class which gave an ideal practicing target.
All in all it were no more than 3 screws to remove (which arrest the chassis in the rack)
and 6 screws to loosen and 2 lids to remove.
My spare memory carrier fitted perfectly in the slides and the socket and the snap levers.
Then I only had to discontinue transition of PDC to ISL and glimpse at IN => ME to confirm that my spare memory was fully recognized and accepted by the system.

Now I only need a scheduled downtime to execute the rehearsed memory extension on the demanding box as well.
Madness, thy name is system administration
Andrew Young_2
Honored Contributor

Re: N-Class DIMM usable in L3000?

Hi Ralph.

Having just put 8Gb's of memory from my old N4000 and rp7400's into a L1500, which is a firmware restricted L3000, I can confirm that it does work without a problem.

In addition the N4000 memory carrier will work in a L1500/L3000. However the reverse is not true as there is addition metal work on the cheaper L3000 carrier to prevent it being use in place of the more expensive but otherwise identical N4000 part.


Andrew Y
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