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N Class DIP settings (not proc dips) - Proc C-Version rev ?? ?

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Steven Bucek
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N Class DIP settings (not proc dips) - Proc C-Version rev ?? ?

A3639B Chasis, DIP bank marked S4 on the Right side of the server if you are looking at it from the front, 8 switches. What are these for?
They are not marked ON/OFF but CONFIGURED / DECONFIGURED.

Also, can somone explain what the C-Version is on the processors? Can I use a v3.1 processor with a v2.4? When I go to, IN PR, for processor information is where this info comes from. Thanks!

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Re: N Class DIP settings (not proc dips) - Proc C-Version rev ?? ?

you can deconfig the cpus with the dip switch. this is for troublshooting only. the cpu versions are hardware revisions. use always cpus of the same type (see label).

Hope this helps!

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Re: N Class DIP settings (not proc dips) - Proc C-Version rev ?? ?


The DIP bank S4 is called as "Processor Disable" switch bank. The processor number against each switch is written on the
board alongside of S4. A processor could be configured/deconfigured by changing the respective switch position.

As Torsten said, they are used for troubleshooting to isolate related hardware alongwith CPU.

The 'CVERSION" of the processor is Processor Chip Release Version.
As per my understanding, a new chip release version is given if there are changes at the CPU core.
The new module with higher chip version could be used with lower(old) version provided the CPUs are of same type , same clock speed,same cache size and latest PDC firmware. They are called as "old module" and "new module" depending on the chip version. Saying that you can mix PA8600 ( 2.3 ) with PA8600 (2.4) with latest PDC firmware. But you can not mix up PA8500 and PA8600 as you can have only one type of CPUs ( clock speed ) on the board.

It is always recommended to have all CPUs of same type in all ways (having same label)
in a SMP system.

The processor information BCH > IN > PR
is fetched from the processor as "FRU" data.

FYI. For processor release 3.1 , you need to have 41.02 PDC firmware. It is always recommended to keep PDC to latest which is now at 43.43
Refer PDC firmware info at

Steven Bucek
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Re: N Class DIP settings (not proc dips) - Proc C-Version rev ?? ?

Thanks for the great info. After switching all the dips to 0 everything started working properly!

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