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N Class processor trim card

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N Class processor trim card


is anybody know what is this trim card in N class servers?
where its is loacted ?
how we can identify the card?

i have to find out this trim card is there or not?

is anyway through some commands/STM to find out this ?

please respond to this query

thanks in advance

Andrew Rutter
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Re: N Class processor trim card


The trim card is only needed if you have a B revision N class (A3639B).

Also if you have more than 6 processors, it is sometimes required.

The Part number can be either A3639-60026 or A3639-60027 depending upon the revision of the trim card. The 26 is a large board and the 27 is a small adapter type board.

The best way to see if you have it is to open the server if you can. It will be located at the back left corner of the system board, looking from the front.

you may be able to find out through STM. run the infolog tool on the device 1 (system) in the menu map. This should list all the installed boards and there part numbers, with a brief description.

or run the tool from the command line and grep for the part numbers given

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Re: N Class processor trim card

u will need the trim card if you have 8 processors in the B-revision N class servers.
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Re: N Class processor trim card

btw, you can't check this from mstm or cstm. you can only check it out physically by open up the top cover of the server.