HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Re: N_Class servers

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N_Class servers

I'm about to send a N-Class server to site
but I have no blanking plates where the LAn cards should be will this be an issue.
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Re: N_Class servers

Only as it relates to air flow for cooling, and dust / dirt.

If it's going to a warm environment, I'd try to block the holes.
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Re: N_Class servers


What could I block the holes with
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Re: N_Class servers

We have done it with packing tape before. Not sure this would get HP's approval though :)
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Re: N_Class servers

They are the same blanks as used in PC's so if you have any of those about they could be used
hope this helps
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Re: N_Class servers

The Part Number for these is:


go here:


They're $5 each. or you could just use any from an L-class or any other PCI capable Computer or server.
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