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N4000 and 7980S reel tape drive

Fred Metcalf
Trusted Contributor

N4000 and 7980S reel tape drive

I need to connect a 7980S reel tape drive to an N4000-200-380 but I cannot find out what cables to use. The LVD/SE HBA's (A6828A and A5149A) supported on the N-class only offers a VHDTS68 port while the 7980S needs a LDBL50.
I have these cables (C2915A-1m HDTS68/LDBL50 M/M and C2900A-3m LDBL50 M/F Ext) so I can daisy-chain from a DDS3 drive in a TA5300 as a workaround. Is this a good idea?

I am hoping to connect from a A5149A-Ultra 2 SCSI HBA PCI (VHDTS68). Any suggested cables?

Missing MPE :-)