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N4000 and A6795A HBA

Michael McGirr
Occasional Contributor

N4000 and A6795A HBA

Can anyone provide official PCI card plugging rule for N4000 server, specifcally for the A6795A HBA. We currently have eight N4000 servers, each with six A6795 HBA's. On three of them, we are not able to use slot 11 (1/8/0) for these HBA's (HPMC at boot). Do we have firmware mismatch somewhere? All servers are at 43.43PDC.
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: N4000 and A6795A HBA


According to the installation guide you can only use even slot numbers 2,4,6,8,10.12 in the N4000 servers for this card and it supports amaximum of 6 cards


look at page 9 here.

do you have some working in slot 11 already? and are you trying to go beyond 6 cards?

it could be adifference in n4000 revision A,B or C or it could be a faulty slot perhaps, or just not getting seated correctly


Re: N4000 and A6795A HBA


I can't point to the original reference, but if the N class are rev A, rev B, or even a rev C that have been upgraded from rev A or B, then the A6795A cards won't work in odd numbered slots.

This old chart (attached) was the only reference I could find on my laptop



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Michael McGirr
Occasional Contributor

Re: N4000 and A6795A HBA

Eight N4000 servers had A6795A cards installed in slots 4,5,6 and 10,11,12. Three servers would not boot until we removed the fibre card from slot eleven, the other five work ok(??). We will reconfigure to meet the guidelines presented in the document you provided. Thanks.