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N4000 firmware update

Chad Peters_2
Occasional Visitor

N4000 firmware update

I am updating firmware on an N4000 and I am unsure which format do download the file in. zip, gzip, or tar. I am downloading it onto a compaq server and am going to need to know how to ftp it over to the N4000. Any help would be appreciated.

Joseph Loo
Honored Contributor

Re: N4000 firmware update


the formats mentioned are ok, there are just compresssed files in tar format. after you have ftp, make sure it is in binary mode.

for zip, check if unzip is available:
# whereis unzip
if unzip is install:
# unzip "filename"

for gzip:
# gunzip -d "filename"

for tar:
# tar xvf "filename"

I usually download the gzip and then un-tar the file.

please ensure that there is enough space for that mount point you are uncompressing the file from.

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Kai Jansen_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: N4000 firmware update


Please be aware that the update is also possible through a patch:

Unix 11.00 PHSS_29938
Unix 11.11 PHSS_29939


I think this is an easier way to perform the update.

Regards Kai