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Re: N4000 machine update help!

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N4000 machine update help!

Hi all,

I have an old n4000 machine,I want to expand it.Including memory,Cpu,disk.
Anyone tell me the max cpu,memory?
and the latest 300GB FC disk can be used by n4000?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.
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Re: N4000 machine update help!


The N4000 can take up to 4 memory carriers, each one can in theory take 8 DIMMS of up to 1GB each in pairs of two. This will give you maximum 32Gb. There are 2GB parts available that will work, but are not on my parts list.

It can take up to 8 PA-8600 processors. Not all processors in the PA-8600 range were supported, only up to the 750Mhz specs. Anything faster required an upgrade to rp7400.

Officially the 2 internal disks could not go above 36Gb, but if you are prepared to chance it you can go to 72GB. The internal disks are Ultra320 parts and not Fibre Channel though.

Some older 1/2GB FC cards are supported, but a lot of the newer cards are not supported including the 4GB cards.

Anything else you will have to ask specifics.


Andrew Y
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Re: N4000 machine update help!


N class is a midrange server, but which model do you have?

It´s depending on the model of your server.


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Re: N4000 machine update help!


The only limit on the size of a Fiber Channel disk is the OS limit which is 128 TB.

Do not push the disk beyond specified maximums unless you want to risk reliability.

This system is old and end of life and you may find yourself spending more money on these upgrades than the cost of a newer, faster system that costs less to maintain hardware support on.

Steven E Protter
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Re: N4000 machine update help!


You are also limitted in your choice of OS to effectively HP-UX 11.11 unless you have are prepared to go through the process of testing all your hardware to see it if is certified under 11.23. For example FW/HVD SCSI devices are no longer supported.

In addition you will need a firmware patch if you want want to install more than 14Gb of RAM.

But unless you have all this hardware available for consolidation into a single server I would recommend following Steve's advice and going for newer hardware. Everything new you would buy for that will be at spares pricing with expensive support if any.


Andrew Y
Si hoc legere scis, nimis eruditionis habes
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Re: N4000 machine update help!

Tanks a lot !
It's very useful for me.
Best Regards.

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Re: N4000 machine update help!