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N4000 mystery server

Jeremy Hyllberg
Occasional Contributor

N4000 mystery server

Hi everyone,

We have an HP N4000 server that has been lying around, and we're looking at turning it into a test server. The only problem is, nobody seems to know anything about it. It appears to have no disks attached to it other than its two internal drives, and I don't know what kind of memory or CPU it has. When I connect with a terminal, I get the ISL> prompt, and if I try to boot HPUX, it bails with the error "trying to run a 32-bit kernel on a non-32-bit system." What confuses me is that one of the drives seems to have a lot of activity, and if the OS isn't even running, what is it doing?

Does anyone have ideas for trying to boot it? And if I can't boot it, how might I find out what kind of hardware it has, besides physically opening it up (it's racked currently)? There is a web console attached, but I haven't played with it yet, and don't know if it would be useful.

Thanks in advance for any help,

-- Jeremy

Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: N4000 mystery server

When the box is booting, it should display the number and speed of processors installed along w/ the amount of physical mem.

The info is displayed right around the time you'll notice the "To discontinue, press any key..." boot message.

As far s the "booting from 32bit kernel" thing. If there aren't any external disks, then maybe one of your internal disks had been previously used in another box.

Hope this helps,
malvin drakley
Esteemed Contributor

Re: N4000 mystery server

when you are going throught the boot process, after the numbers have stopped scrolling up the screen you can stop the bboot by "pressing any key within 10 seconds".
If at the main menu command you type "in all" you will get a list of your contents, i.e. cpu's memory etc
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