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Re: NIC/MP LAN Config!!!

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NIC/MP LAN Config!!!

Hi There,

Could you please inform me how I can configure NIC & MP LAN IP address.

Please tell me step by step process.

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Re: NIC/MP LAN Config!!!


The easiest way to configure lan cards in HPUX is with SAM. This will edit the needed netconf files for you.

select networking and tab round the window filling in the details.

To configure the MP lan login as administrator [control b] and type lc

This will give you step by step questions to answer about your network config. You will then need to reset the MP for it to take effect. you can do this by entering xd menu and then type R.

Any more info post back


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Re: NIC/MP LAN Config!!!

Assalam-O-Alaikum Yaqub,

The default IP address for the Customer LAN port on the MP is

To set the customer LAN IP address

1. From the MP Command Menu prompt (MP:CM>), enter lc (for LAN Configuration).

2. If the LAN software on the MP is working properly, it should see the message: â LAN status: UP and RUNNING.â The value in the â IP addressâ field has been set at the factory. You will need to get the customer LAN IP addresses from the customer.

3.The prompt will ask if you want to modify the LAN port Enter y.

The current Customer IP address is shown; then the following prompt appears: Do you want to modify it? (Y/[N])

Enter y.

Enter the new IP address.

The customer should provide this address for LAN Port 0.

Confirm the new address.

Enter the MP Network Name.

This is the host name for the customer LAN. You can use any name you like. The name can be as many as 64 characters, and include alpha numerics, - (dash), _ (under bar), . (period), or a space. It is recommended that the name be a derivative of the complex name. For example, Acme.com_MP.

Enter the LAN parameters for Subnet mask and Gateway address.

To check the LAN parameters and status, enter the ls command at the MP Command Menu prompt (MP:CM>).

For NIC use SAM.

Asif Sharif

Asif Sharif
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Re: NIC/MP LAN Config!!!

Assalam-O-Alaikum Asif Bhai,

Ramadan Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem

Sorry to delay response, Thank you for your unique support.

Best Regards
Mohammad Yaqub
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Re: NIC/MP LAN Config!!!

Thanks for all of uinque support.