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NTP and trimble antenna

Eslam Kamal
Occasional Advisor

NTP and trimble antenna

Hello all

I want to install trimble ACUTime 2000 antenna with rp4440 (OS hp-ux 11.11)

first I installed the antenna with C3000 workstation and it is working fine and I got output from ntpq -p which indicate that I got signal from satulaite .

then I did the same installation with rp4440 insted of c3000 but I didn't get output from ntpq -p.

1- I used AUX port with device file tty1p2 .

2- the pinout of c3000 and rp4440 serial ports is the same so all cables should be OK .

Angus Crome
Honored Contributor

Re: NTP and trimble antenna

I personally never got my Trimble Palisade (Acutime 2000 predecessor) to work with an L, N or rp series under HP-UX 11.00 or 11.11. My predecessor finally did, but he had to search around for the correct tty port, and apply some patches for NTP. There was a short period of time, when the NTP 3 version in HP-UX no longer supported Trimble devices, but they did correct that error back in 2003. Good luck, and if I get in touch with him, I will post the actual steps he took.
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rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: NTP and trimble antenna

you are using the 'W' cable on the 4400? the c3000 does not use a "W" cable. somewhere on docs.hp.com should be a manual that says what pin is what with the W cable.
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Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: NTP and trimble antenna


I would suggest to use the devicefile /dev/tty0p0 which belongs to the aux port:

tty 0 0/0/1/0 asio0 CLAIMED INTERFACE PCI SimpleComm (103c1290)
/dev/diag/mux0 /dev/mux0 /dev/tty0p0

tty1p2 is the remote port.

best regards