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Need to Set Date and Time on New GSP (rp5470/HP9000)

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Ben Larson
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Need to Set Date and Time on New GSP (rp5470/HP9000)


I can't find any info on how to set the date and time on our new GSP (Firmware Rev B). The current date is set at 02/06/2106. Obviously this makes it hard to figure out the Error Log.

I've checked the GSP Help and docs:

I've asked the HP hardware technician who installed it and he's researching it, but we are stumped so far.

Any clues? Thanks.
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Re: Need to Set Date and Time on New GSP (rp5470/HP9000)

Wow, normally it is 01/01/1970.

But only if the system is started from a power off (unplugged) condition, because the running OS/the BCH setting will set the time.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Need to Set Date and Time on New GSP (rp5470/HP9000)

Did you try DATE command in GSP?

Good Luck..
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Need to Set Date and Time on New GSP (rp5470/HP9000)

Shalom Ben,

I think you tech needs another card. I've never had to do anything concerning date on a GSP. I've touched hundreds of systems over the past few years.

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: Need to Set Date and Time on New GSP (rp5470/HP9000)

hi Ben,

the date is pulled from the OS or PDC, but only when needed.

example upon error, the gsp will update the time stamp.

However I had two A500's(rp2470) that had that exact date, which came from HP rmkted.

Even if we forced them to error, pull the disk and let it try to boot, to update the date, it did not change. Also every time you booted the server we got an error (amber light), and the date stayed the same

There was nothing wrong with the servers themselves just the GSP. This was discussed at length with HP tech support in UK and rmktd team in Germany, and they sent another two gsp cards. one worked and the other didnt, was still the same. HP then replaced the whole server after lots of conversations, shall we say.

(I bet if you power it down and back up you get an error like mine did aswell)

I believe that these were programmed wrongly, at manufacturing. They are normally set to 1970 and update from this upon error.

Get them to fit another GSP card.

Ben Larson
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Re: Need to Set Date and Time on New GSP (rp5470/HP9000)


Thank you for the tips. Our Tech suggested creating a fault by pulling the cord on one power supply.

That generate a new error in the log with a current date and a time four hours later (GMT) than the OS time.

It appears the first (and at that time only) log entry in the GSP happened before the time sync so we saw the 2106 year entry.

Now another quesiton (or two):
How do I get the time changed four hours earlier to EDT?

Andy, you mentioned it may be syncing with the PDC. Is there a way to force an OS sync instead?

Thank you.

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Need to Set Date and Time on New GSP (rp5470/HP9000)

hi ben,

I would think this is only possible, when you had a fatal error in hpux, either hardware or software.

You can change the date and time in pdc though if its wrong. Reboot the server and stop at PDC level.

go into co menu


from here you can issue the time command


example ti 20:07:05:17:08:51:00

this will set the pdc time right, try this and force an error in GSP