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New swc card install

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New swc card install

I've just replaced an internal swc card in a 9000 series server. The previous card had intermittent drop-outs.

Im trying to get a connection between a laptop (no firewall, XP) and the swc card via a rollover cable. However, even after pressing both the reset buttons I cannot seem to get a connection on the new card. Even with a different rollover cable I get the same problem. The server itself is switched on and is working fine.
Oddly enough when I plug in a new rollover cable I can see the laptop poll the card. Windows shows that there is traffic going from the laptop to the card, but nothing coming back. I can see the green light flash when the laptop polls the card, then it stops. As expected, PING does not work to and I cannot see an arp reply from the server.

Anyone know if there is a way to confirm the SWC card is working from within the OS (HP-UX 11i). Because the server is a live one - I cannot really open it up again without going through the correct procedures.

Having tried different cables and laptops, Im starting to think it may be the card, but would like to confirm this.


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Re: New swc card install

Try searching in this forum for "SWC card". There are many threads and this among others has good info


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Re: New swc card install

Is it really a gray SWC *box* or any kind of GSP/MP?

What is the server model?

Hope this helps!

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