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No Console Output For A180c


No Console Output For A180c

Anyone know anything about A180C servers? I have one that seems to pass self test (no other front panel indicators lit or blinking except for the â powerâ indicator after heartbeat blinks several times) but neither the console LAN port nor the serial ASCII port will provide console access. Iâ ve followed the steps in the Install Guide to setup both but no output. I even jumpered (hardwired) the system to use each but no help. Iâ m ready to trash the thing so any help will be appreciated. I'm looking for a
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: No Console Output For A180c

The LAN console won't work until it is configured through the serial console and the serial port requires a 9600 baud 8N1 terminal with the proper cable. The most common problems with serial connections are using a straight through cable (it requires a crossover or printer cable) and settings on the 700/9x terminal (REMOTE MODE is off, wrong port selected).

Bill Hassell, sysadmin