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OS Issues

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Greg Bromley
Occasional Contributor

OS Issues

I have an HP 3000 with the following error messages blinking on the LCD:

FLT 0800
OFF 0120

I have tried to cycle the machine by turning the key to standby then back again and out of desperation, by disconnecting the power. When the main menu prompt comes up, I choose to BTot like normal. At the ISL prompt, I enter "strt norecovery" per my procedures. I see the following prompts after this point:
MPE/iX Launch facility
initilize genesis - version

At this point, the machine seems to hang and the console displays flt dead and flt 0800 back and forth.

Any thoughts or suggestions are apprecated.
Glenn A. Mitchell
Valued Contributor

Re: OS Issues

I'd run ODE MAPPER and confirm that my system disk (LDEV 1) is visible and at the address configured for default boot.


Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: OS Issues

Hello Greg,

Are you sure the code is FLT 0800? There is no fault code starting with "0"? B800 make more sense.

If it is FLT DEAD B800 0120, then you'll have to take a memory dump and have it analyzed by HP. It could be HW or SW.

Try to get a little more details by adding option "MESSAGE" to ISL>START NORECOVERY like this:

King is the customer!
Greg Bromley
Occasional Contributor

Re: OS Issues

Hi emily. I ran the command from the ISL prompt as you suggested. Nothing at all happened. I waited for about an hour for a change. I restarted the machine again and this time, after poking around a bit on the web, I found a simillar situation which you had suggested running START NORECOVERY SINGLE-DISK SINGLE-USER. Using this command, the system booted without incident. I performed a system shutdown at this point and started it back up. The system proceeded to boot successfully and now I am working on making the machine visable on the network again.

Thank you very much for your help.