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Kevin Peters
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There is a PA_RISC process running on my HP-UX operating system. I understand that it is a java process that is running because of a management console I am using to administer my server. I have two questions: Will the process always be seen in TOP? Throughout the day, will the process increase in CPU percentage? Thanks for any help!
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor


If you stop and think about your question, you will realize that it is rather meaningless. Top, by definition, shows the processes on "top" -- i.e. the ones consuming the most resources. All the processes will be seen in top although not necessarily on the first (topmost) page. Remember, top will actually display more processes than those on the first page. This does mean, that if other processes that are busier than your java process are "winning" then your process might get pushed off the top page. The process will move up and down over time in CPU usage depending upon the set of processes running at any one time.
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As Mr. clay said, top reports the top CPU utilizing process in your box. Now if you have more CPU utilizing processes as the top 10 process it won't be shown in the top. Now as far as your java is concerned, had a similar issue in my mind when i newly installed a VA7110 to a running HP machine. here is how i got the response.

with best wishes
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Steven E. Protter
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I believe your question may be poorly written, but is not meaningless.

top is a tool that takes snapshots based on processor resource use. It's not a good tool for analyzing performance over time. Its a good tool for figuring out what process is eating your system alove right now.

I would suggest the following ideas:

1) Do you actually have a performance problem? Have users complained, is response time slow? If not, stop now and find something more fun to do.

2) If here IS a problem, use a sar script to collect performance data. That will actually let you know where bottlenecks are, cpu, disk whatever. It will let you know if kernel parameters need adjustment. I've posted one a gazillion times, but don't have access to it, nor can i find prior post that contains the script.

If I have any energy when I get home, I'll post you a copy of the script.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation