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PA-RSIC Itanium Server Sizing.

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PA-RSIC Itanium Server Sizing.

We are a large public sector company in the intial phases of our PA-RISC to Itanium effort. Any lessons learned on things like server sizing? Our current env is very high (70%) memory util and very low TCP (15%). This is partly due to us having superdomes, we need high mem capacity. The new 6600 look very good we are also considering the new blades BL360, we would probably by a mix of servers. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: PA-RSIC Itanium Server Sizing.

What is your definition of high memory capacity? What flavor of PA-RISC CPUs are in the current 9000 Superdomes?

All of that would factor-in.

As a large public sector company with Superdomes, there are no doubt some HP Sales types tasked to your account. They should be able to come-up with a plethora of options...
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