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PCI-X 133MHz 10GbE SR Fiber Adapter AB287A

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Ray Bell
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PCI-X 133MHz 10GbE SR Fiber Adapter AB287A

I had one available slot open and I installed this fiber adapter on my test rp3440 and the system do not recognize it. Are there software or patches I need to install
to get the system to see the card? Anyway any information is welcome...
Patrick Wallek
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Re: PCI-X 133MHz 10GbE SR Fiber Adapter AB287A

It appears that the part you mention is only qualified in the rx7620.

Have a look at this link:

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Re: PCI-X 133MHz 10GbE SR Fiber Adapter AB287A

rick jones
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Re: PCI-X 133MHz 10GbE SR Fiber Adapter AB287A

As pointed-out, you have to install the driver for the 10G NIC. The driver is not part of the base OS on say 11.11 (11iv1). It _might_ be part of the base OS on _later_ 11.23 (11iv2) but I'm not certain of that.

Also, just what are the characteristics of your one available slot? If you are concerned about the performance of a 10G NIC, you need to make sure it is in one of the highest-performance slots on your system. I'd suggest looking for a block diagram for the rp3440 that shows the I/O slots. You want to make sure the 10G NIC is not in a shared-bus slot, and one that has a goodly number of "ropes" feeding it.

Even then, keep in mind that just as with 10 to 100 Mbit and 100 to 1000 Mbit and now from 1000 Mbit to 10G, there is _nothing_ inherent in the newer Ethernet that makes sending or receiving data any easier on the host. In broad handwaving terms, it will take just as many CPU cycles to transfer 1KB of data across a 10G Ethernet interface as it did to transfer that across a 1G or a 100BT or a 10BT interface.

Now, there are specifics of the NIC _implementation_ that make the above not completely true, but it is still important when setting expectations.
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Re: PCI-X 133MHz 10GbE SR Fiber Adapter AB287A

What does "do not recognize" mean? Do you mean you can see the card path in the ioscan and the system cannot claim its card? The card itself is supported on RP34x0. See web below.
-> 10 Gigabit Ethernet
-> HP-UX Ethernet Driver Support Matrix

The kernel should be 11i v2 (of Sept 2004 or
later), 11i v1 (11.11 of September 2005 or
Ray Bell
Regular Advisor

Re: PCI-X 133MHz 10GbE SR Fiber Adapter AB287A

Thanks for all you assistance. I gave the wrong person the points of 8 which should have the person who gave me the link to go to

Check this link


That gave me the right information... The card is now seen and responding....