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PCI-X is PCI-X, right ? (rp3440)

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PCI-X is PCI-X, right ? (rp3440)

Are the PCI-X cards used in the rp3440 the same as PCI-X cards used in Intel-based boxes like HP Proliants ?

Or is it more like the old IBM Microchannel days when, because of different memory structures, Microchannel cards for a PS/2 wouldn't work in an RS6000 and vice versa even though it was the same form factor?

I'm having doubts about the HP A6825-60101 (Broadcom BCM5701KHB) PCI-X ethernet card in my rp3440. I tried testing it by sticking it in an HP Proliant ML370 G3 running Windows Server2003. Windows recognizes it as a "Broadcom NetXtreme" card and has a driver but won't start the card (It says it can't load an instance of the driver because an instance of the driver is already running even though it's not.)

Does this confirm my suspicion that the card is flaky, or is just it a totally invalid test to try to run a card from a PA system in an IA system ?
Andrew Rutter
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Re: PCI-X is PCI-X, right ? (rp3440)

hi fred,

as far as i know they are all the same nowadays pci-x is pci-x.

I dont think its a PA-IA problem as some cards like the A6825A work in both the PA and IA servers, running unix. I think your problem is more likely to be windows and cards compatability.

Cards supported for HPUX will generally not work in pc based system due to the specific programming of the card and firmware installed on it.

of course if the card wont work in the rp3440 either then it could be a faulty card? or does it work in the RP, but not in the proliant. Also the proliant isnt an IA system, Intel based it is, P3 xeon but not itanium.


Re: PCI-X is PCI-X, right ? (rp3440)


There's nothing special about the PCI-X cards that go in a HP-UX server - just that they are supported by HP and HP provide HP-UX drivers for them.

If this is a A6825A card, it should be supported in HP-UX. You don't mention what OS version you have installed, but regardless you need the igelan driver installed in your kernel (check in SAM):





rick jones
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Re: PCI-X is PCI-X, right ? (rp3440)

The only thing special about PCI-X cards supported in systems running HP-UX is they have the HP-specific sub-vendor and subproduct IDs recognized by the drivers in HP-UX.

It has been my experience that a functioning I/O card that is "supported" under HP-UX will "work" under say Linux. While theory holds that there could be cards supported under HP-UX which will not be claimed by a driver under Linux, I have yet to experience that (outside, perhaps of graphics cards from the lastish days of HP-UX workstations...) I cannot speak to whether Windows drivers would claim cards similarly.

Now, going the other direction is a whole different story :)
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