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PDC Firmware Revision 43.43 on a6449b running mpe

Chris Burleigh
Occasional Visitor

PDC Firmware Revision 43.43 on a6449b running mpe

Does the PDC shar file include instructions to create bootable tape to install PDC version from the isl> ODE FUPDATE . This systems is running MPE and does not have a cd/dvd installed? Is is a HP e3000 N4000 1 way, 220MHz Solution server.


Re: PDC Firmware Revision 43.43 on a6449b running mpe

Hi Chris,

It is all in patch number PF_CPIW4343, but I have attached the instructions anyway.


Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: PDC Firmware Revision 43.43 on a6449b running mpe

Firmware and Patch installation instructions are included with the patch. When you search the patch database, click on the link to the patch (vs. adding it to the download cart) to view the installation instructions.

Check the section "Installation Instructions" for further information about your specific patch.

This is taken from a typical mpe-ix patch and is the type of information you can expect to see:

Special Instructions:

Installation Instructions:
Before installing this patch, please review all instructions and the
Hewlett-Packard SupportLine User Guide or Your Hewlett-Packard Support
Terms and Conditions for precautions, scope of license, restrictions,
and limitation of liability and warranties.

There is a document which gives a detailed descripton of all tasks
required prior to installing your patch. Request this document from
HPSL using e-mail (command: send mpeguide) or download it from the web

Unless there are special instructions, logon as MANAGER.SYS and run
UNPACKP to unpackage and restore all files before installing your patch.

Note! Please back up your system before you patch.

"Downtime is a Crime."