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Patches for Firmware rp 3440

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Patches for Firmware rp 3440

Hi Guys,

I upgraded my rp 3440 firmware. Can any one kindly give me the patch number to download. My Server had HPMC error. I upgraded the PDC firmware. I need the patches.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Patches for Firmware rp 3440

Here's a link:

There is also:
PHSS_33095: 11.11 rp4440/rp4410/rp3440/rp3410 iLO MP E.03.15
PHSS_36165: 11.11 rp3410/rp3440 PDC46.34/BMC03.52/MPE.03.30 FW
PHSS_36166: 11.23 rp3410/rp3440 PDC46.34/BMC03.52/MPE.03.30 FW
PHSS_36167: 11.31 rp3410/rp3440 PDC46.34/BMC03.52/MPE.03.30 FW
John Payne_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Patches for Firmware rp 3440

If it's helpful to you, I just installed the firmware patches to my machines. (About 24 rp3440's.)

One thing for you to note:

You have to be up to MP FW version E.02.29 or higher before you apply these patches. (The command "sysrev" in the MP will tell you the version.) If you are at a lower version, you can find version E.02.29 at the bizsupport site previously mentioned. E.02.29 is not delivered via an OS side patch, you have to do it by hand...

Hope it helps