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Please advice on Superdome upgradation

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Please advice on Superdome upgradation

Hi Experts,

I appreciate your advice on my following queries.

1.Do we suggest upgrading SD32A currently configured with PA8800 processor with additional PA 8800 processors or PA 8900 processor in a separate nPar?

2.Do we suggest upgrading SD16K currently configured with PA8700 processor with additional PA 8700 processors, PA 8800 processor or PA 8900 processor in a separate nPar?

3.For each PA 8600 processor on V2600, how many PA8700/8800/8900 processors are required on Superdomes?

4. When we create a new nPar on Superdomes, do we need to have a separate management network connectivity specifically for the new nPar? Is there a need for adding any management specific components for the new nPar?

5. Do we need a separate OS license for the new nPar?

6.Is configuring new cell boards on Superdome disruptive to existing applications?

7.Is it possible to configure some of the expansion slots on existing IO chassis on Superdomes to newly created nPar with processors configured on new cell boards?

8.My understanding is that there is no way Superdome with PA8700 processors cannot be upgraded with PA8800 or PA8900 processors even when new cell boards are configured for new nPars. Is this correct?

I hope I will receive more replies/advices on the above questions... if any of you get answer for some of the questions please answer me with the question number... so that I can get an idea.

Thanks in advance...

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Please advice on Superdome upgradation

Shalom Vinod,

1. That depends on use of the system. If the system is not busy or stresed don't do anything.

2. If you decide to upgrade, use the newest, fasted processes available, making sure that a mixed configuration will work, or replacing all the old ones.

3. Again that depends on utilization, speed of the CPU and information you have not yet provided.

4. Don't know.

5. OS is licensed by the CPU. You should purchase a license to use (LTU) license with the additonal hardware for the vpar.

6. Possibly. If you are adding a new cell board, you conceivabley can get away with doing that while the system is running. I would however schedule downtime.

7. If memory serves me correctly an I/O device can only be in one npar at a time.

8. I believe that is correct. You may wish to read the server documentation on http://docs.hp.com to get more information.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Please advice on Superdome upgradation


I have a quick answer to your question no-3,

{3.For each PA 8600 processor on V2600, how many PA8700/8800/8900 processors are required on Superdomes? }

You must be thinking the other way round...if you go for PA8900 (that too on superdome) its much much faster than 8600 on V-class server. Rememeber 8900 has got a huge cache memory and it really runs fast. If I say a rough proportion I wud say you need one PA8900 (on SD) for every 3 PA8600 (on V-class ).


Re: Please advice on Superdome upgradation


1. I'd always go for the PA8900 if you can (unless costs preclude)

2. A SD16K with PA8700 CPUs can't just be upgraded to PA8900 by replacing the CPUs - you need to replace *all* the cell boards as well (and are also advised to upgrade the IO cages to PCI-X) - you do get to re-use your memory though. So you can't have PA8700 CPUs in one nPar and PA8800/8900 in another, as they need different cell boards. This is a pretty major upgrade compared to just adding more PA8700 CPUs, but will considerably prolong the support life of your Superdome.

3. You've already been given some data on that - I'd just expand it to say that basically 3 CPUs on PA8600 is probably about 1 *core* on PA8800 - a little less (2?) for PA8700, a little more (3.5?) for PA8900. As always Your Mileage May Vary.

4. No - 1 management network will suffice. Each nPar *does* need a dedicated PCI IO cage though.

5. Yes - for each additional core you add to the dome.

6. It depends. No if its a straight upgrade of the existing sorts of CPU/memory. Yes if you need to update firmware or re-cable IO chassis.

7. No. An IO chassis is connected to a cell board and a cell board can only be in one nPar - so each IO chassis and all the cards in it can only be in one nPar.

8. You're question is a double-negative - what do you mean? As indicated above a PA8700 Superdome can be upgraded to PA8800/8900, but you need to replace *all* the cell boards and upgrade *all* the CPUs




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Re: Please advice on Superdome upgradation

Hi Duncan, Vijay, Steve,

Thanks for your valuable inputs... I think most of my questions are answered very fairly...

I will close the thread, when the task is complete...

Thank you...

Points awarded ;-)