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Power Supply for older D-Class Server

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Joseph Fisher
Occasional Contributor

Power Supply for older D-Class Server

I just picked up two older D-Class servers that were de-commissioned from another corporate project.

I want to use these older servers as crash-n-burn systems.

However, these servers came with the 48V DC power supplies.

I would like to convert both of them to AC power.

I believe I only need to swap out the power supplies, but am requesting input from this forum to be sure.

Additionally, I understand that HP made both a 450W and a 650W power supply for this server.

What is the difference (other than wattage).

The D-Class servers that I picked up are loaded with disks and memory, but only have a single CPU each.

I was looking for the 650W Power Supply, but am finding that they are more expensive, and in short supply.

Can I use the 450W power supplies in these servers?

Is there a reason why I might want to use the 650W power supplies, and not the 450W versions?

I found a part number of 0950-3245...

Is this the 450W or 650W part number?

If there's a different part number for the 650W version, can someone provide that part number?

Thanks in advance, and have a great week...

melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Supply for older D-Class Server

The part number you give is the 450w unit
Take a look here for parts:

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Joseph Fisher
Occasional Contributor

Re: Power Supply for older D-Class Server

I tried to lookup the part number on this site, but you can only search if you have the model of the server.

Our two de-commissioned servers are still in the box...

There was no reason to un-pack them, since we don't have any way to power them up right now...

As I understand it, the 450W power supply fits all D-Class models...

So, I'm assuming that the 650W version also fits all models...

If this is not the case, please let me know..
Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Supply for older D-Class Server

The Dx00, Dx20, Dx30, Dx50, & Dx60 all take the 450w power supplies and the Dx70, Dx80, & Dx90 take the 650w power supplies. I dont recommend using ones are aren't meant for the specific box.

450w = 0950-2345
650w = 0950-3123 or 0957-2073

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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Supply for older D-Class Server


on top of what Jesse has said, they physically have different power connectors on the PSU for the different CPU boards.

So you will need to know exactly which model you have and with which CPU board installed.

The higher end ones have extra connections for the extra power board under the system cpu board

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Power Supply for older D-Class Server

hi jcf,

There are altogether 3 different types of Power supply for the HP9000 D-Class servers :

350W POWER SUPPLY, 0950-2726 (For D200/210/250/260)

450W POWER SUPPLY, 0950-3245 (For Dx20/x30/310/350/360)

650W POWER SUPPLY, 0950-3123 (For Dx70/Dx80)

The different power requirement is due to higher PA-RISC CPU. If your D-Class is a Dx20, Dx30, D310, D350 or D360 then it can be used.
Joseph Fisher
Occasional Contributor

Re: Power Supply for older D-Class Server

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

I had mistakenly assumed in the beginning that these servers, being of the same class, would all use the same power supply, only with different wattages, like a PC, based on the attached equipment.

I wanted to try a 650W power supply, simply so that I might have room to expand later on, if I decided to upgrade some internal or external component.

As my initial assumption was incorrect, I had to un-crate one of the servers, to find the actual model number.

After that, I was able to take the information provided in the thread, and order the correct part.

Again, thanks again for all of the help.