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Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me

Marcin Milczanowski
Occasional Visitor

Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me

Sorry for my english.

I need manual for PowerTrust UPS A2998A.
Where can I download it?
I need description of front panel LED's and beep codes.

I have problem with that UPS. Yelow (orange) LED is on (first LED from bottom) and I can hear 3 short beeps and nothing more.
Output power is off.

Thanks for your time.

Alessandro Pilati
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me


Here a document for the errors on UPS:

3 beeps may indicate a "Power Overload Shutdown" : The UPS device reported an Overload Shutdown status, which indicates that the equipment being powered from the UPS drew so much power from the UPS that the UPS performed a "shutdown" (turned its power circuits "off") to protect itself from the overload condition.

Have a look to this:



Chech what you attached to UPS, seems it requires a lot of power and UPS goes down for security.


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Marcin Milczanowski
Occasional Visitor

Re: Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me

Thank You for your answer.

I can't use any software to monitor UPS status. I have not AC output so my server is down.
I tried bypass switch, in bypass mode there is no AC output...
I don't know what's going on.
In: http://docs.hp.com/en/32650-90908/ch32s03.html I can read about bypass switch: "With this switch control, a service person can "bypass" the normal flow of power through the UPS, so that the UPS passes its AC input power directly through to its AC output plugs, without passing the power through the normal power inverters and filters."
Because in bypass mode there is no AC output I think that something is wrong with my UPS.

It worked 7 years with 1 server (K250), 1 DLT drive and there was no problem.
I have another UPS in second rack but it is 1,7kW so it's not enough.

I will try to disconect everything and I'll try to turn it on.

Thank You.
timmy b.
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me


I'm running from memory and it's been years since I owned one of these units.

If you are not getting output voltage even with the switch set to BYPASS, you have a definite problem.

First, please check that your supply (input) outlet has power. I know this sounds silly, but let's get rid of the easy stuff first.

Is the ENABLE switch set to the correct position?

Did you have a switch connected to the EPO (Emergency Power Off) port? If so, make sure that it isn't tripped.

When was the last time you had your batteries replaced? This unit had a life expectancy of about 4 years for the batteries.

The A2998A has an L6-30 input power plug and 2 power outlets on the back of the electronics section to power your server. One is a C19 and the other is an L6-30. If you are using the L6-30 to feed your system, you should be able to remove it from the back of the UPS and plug it directly into the supply receptacle. This would put you street power, no backup power, but at least you would be running. If you are running off the C19 connector, you would have to find a L6-30 to C20 cable to make that connection.

I wish I could help you with the beep codes, but I don't have that kind of recollection.

Good Luck - Tim
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Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me


If the ups produces no output when in bypass mode then the controller definatly has a problem.

this bypasses all the charging circuitry and batteries and just acts like a through put from your power source. Check the voltage going into the ups first.
I have seen in the past the controllers go into a funny state before and they have fixed themselves if we leave them alone unpowered for 24 hours. connect them back up and they seem ok.
If this still doesnt work then it will need a specialist service engineer to fix the control box.

maybe time for a new ups though, and the newer ones are alot more smaller aswell.

Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me

Hi Marcin

Attached pages of user manual for subject UPS may be of help

Marcin Milczanowski
Occasional Visitor

Re: Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me

Thank You very much for that picture.

So it is case 9 - No Phase Lock Shutdown.
I have to call HP service.

Now my UPS is off, I try to turn it on tomorrow but I think it will be the same situation.

Thanks for Your help.

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me

I have 7 of these (very old) UPS units. They were OEM'ed from Sola but have been out of production for a long time. Like you, they have served well for 6-7 years but they are now failing. One simply turns off output power at random, and another sends the shutdown message within 5 seconds after going onto battery backup. Like most sysadmins, we tend to ignore statements about battery lifetime and just keep them -- until failure. But that is the exact purpose of the UPS: to prevent a failure, and now the UPS is causing the failure.

The HP units are so old that they have no useful diagnostics or status such as battery capacity, temperature, load, etc. I investigated replacement batteries from HP but the price was almost $1000 USD for each UPS. And with no diagnostics, it was impossible to tell whether the batteries or the controller needed replacing. In the case of the controller, HP offers no repair or replacement anymore. So I looked at different units and decided on the APC SmartUPS with a LAN card option. Like the HP unit, it comes in a 208/230 VAC unit with the special connector used in the HP racks. The best feature is the extensive diagnostic information the SmartUPS provides in the form of a web page. It also performs selftests automatically, sends test and status information to syslog, to email addresses and also provides SNMP messages for a network monitoring system.

Since you're already down, replacing the unit is probably not an option right now so I would get an electrician to create and adapter cord to plug directly into your AC power. You won't have a battery backup but at least your rack will be back online.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Trust UPS A2998A - problem, please help me


"no phase lock" usually means that the input power to the UPS was distorted (not failed). Unfortunately, the electronic reacts with a complete shutdown in this case.
Strange is that you also do not get power in bypass mode. In this mode, the UPS normaly acts only as a power cable ...
I would recomend that an electrician checks the input power line.
In case everything is OK with this, try the following power on procedure:

1.) set "Output on/Output off" switch on the front panel to off
2.) set UPS/Battery switch on the rear side to DISABLE
3.) set rear panel input circuit brakers to off
4.) set bypass switch to normal
5.) set UPS/Battery switch on the rear side to ENABLE. The LED "Enable Light" will make one little flash.
6.) set the rear panel input circuit brakers to ON. The ENABLE light will be and stay lit now.
7.) set the "Output on/Output off" on the front panel to on

I hope this helps.

best regards