HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Power requirements 9000 H70

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Power requirements 9000 H70

trying to find the input power requirements (amps, kva,volts) for a 9000 H70.
Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Power requirements 9000 H70

same here.

timmy b.
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Re: Power requirements 9000 H70

The chassis was the same across the F/G/H/I series. They all had the same basic power specs listed. The models were differentiated by the amount of I/O slots. F has 2 slots, G has 4 slots, H has 8 and I has 12. The number after the letter relates to the processor speed.

With all that said, on to your question.

AC input voltage 90 to 132 VAC or 180 to 264VAC.

AC input current 12A max at 100VAC, 6A max at 240VAC.

The 8 slot chassis (H) lists AC Input Power at 685 watts maximum, 460 watts typical.

7.3A typical load @100VAC 50hz
6.2A typical load @120VAC 60hz
3.9A typical load @208VAC 60hz
3.9A typical load @220VAC 50hz
3.6A typical load @240VAC 50hz

Data reflects power input from two power cords to two power supplies. The power supplies are auto-ranging. Typical load assumes 384MB memory, six internal peripherals, 64mhz cpu, three PBA-FL Interface cards, two 802.3 LAN cards, and two SCSI Interfacr cards.

2600 BTU/hr max load

I hope this helps. If it does, please assign points accordingly so others will know how useful you find it. Thanks!

Good Luck - Tim
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