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Problem V2250 Hardware Error

Christian Jurado_1
Occasional Contributor

Problem V2250 Hardware Error

I have a problem I have a servant v2250 which I extinguish myself or installs power sources to him which they were alarmed and the equipment does not respond or between a xconfig and I have the 4 processors in red which I can make to qualify them since the no boot a system

The mesaje that only appears is hardware error in the Test Station
Florian Heigl (new acc)
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem V2250 Hardware Error

I hope I got Your error description right.

If Yes:

Immediately call in HP tech support, this does *not at all* user resolvable, so rather don't waste time.

You can wait for someone with real V-Class experience, but if it's a production host, better take some action :)
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