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Problem about wake-on-Lan

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Problem about wake-on-Lan

I have two HP9000 servers,rp5470 and rp4440.
I have connect UPS with these servers through Lan port.(build in system board)
I want to shutdown or bootup servers through UPS.May I know whether both servers can support "wake-on-lan".

And Is "wake-on-lan" similar with feature named "boot from lan"?

Bill Hassell
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Re: Problem about wake-on-Lan

Your UPS is designed for PCs, not HP-UX servers. There are only a couple of UPS models that will work with HP-UX and none of them use a LAN connection for control. The connection is RS-232 serial and the UPS commands must match the HP-UX power management software in order to work. HP servers can be set to reboot automatically when power returns but the LAN won't restore power.

Boot from LAN refers to restoring a server from loss of the boot disk using a network connection and Ignite/UX server.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Problem about wake-on-Lan

Everything is depending on the UPS model.

Some supported models can even support LAN connected UPS using a special software, e.g. HP PowerManager, LanSafe or UPSManager II.

Hope this helps!

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