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Problem to Add a Card SCSI in L2000

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Problem to Add a Card SCSI in L2000

Hi to all.

We have 2 L2000, to one of them I need to add a SCSI card to him reason why takes off it to the other L2000.

In the moment to install to card in the slot pci 3 the system send to the console message of Overload Energy, and the fans no work, and the system no startup.

Take off the card and the system startup with out problems. The card is a A5191-60211

Sombody can help me.?

Mel Burslan
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Re: Problem to Add a Card SCSI in L2000

either your card has a problem, drawing too much current or your slot3 has a problem when something gets installed on it.

move the card to another slot and see if you can boot the server. If not, try removing (just for testing) one of the working PCI cards and putting this card in its place. If it is doing the same thing, the card is the culprit. If not, the slot is the problem one.

If I were you, I would call for hardware support if you have a contract for it right away. One way or another, you have bad hardware there.

Good luck
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Andrew Rutter
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Re: Problem to Add a Card SCSI in L2000

hi ivan,

you can only have one of those cards per system

that card is the lan/scsi combo card which forms part of the core io set.

you should have the gsp card in bottom slot and then this card above it.

if you need another scsi card you need one of the supported accesories

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Re: Problem to Add a Card SCSI in L2000

Andrew is right, this is the Core I/O card and there is a fixed slot for it (in fact, it's the bottom slot), just beneath the GSP card).

Hope this helps!

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Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: Problem to Add a Card SCSI in L2000

If you want to add SCSI HBA to L2000, you can use one of the following HBAs:

A5149A PCI 1-channel Ultra2 SCSI HBA
A5150A PCI 2-channel Ultra2 SCSI HBA
A6828A PCI 1-channel U160 SCSI HBA
A6829A PCI 2-channel U160 SCSI HBA
A7173A PCI 2-channel U320 SCSI HBA