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Problem with HP L1000 server

P Arumugavel
Respected Contributor

Problem with HP L1000 server


I am facing a problem with a HP L1000 server. I forgot my GSP Lan IP settings. Unluckly, now my cosole is also not working. How to reset My GSP Lan IP.
Replies are most appreciated if it would give me solution...
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with HP L1000 server


to reset the gsp.

remove the right hand side cover looking from the front.

you have access to all pci cards here.

one of the cards near the bottom is the GSP card and has a reset button on it. attach a local console to the console cable and press the gsp reset button, holding for a few seconds. keep the console close as you will promptesd to press a key and acknowledge the reset on the console.

this will reset all passwords as well and any other settings!

then control b into the gsp to change it,

or just simply login with a console attached locally and change the lan parameters with the lc commands?