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Problem with L class booting

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Problem with L class booting


was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem we are having. We have an lclass server and when it boots, it gets halfway and then altogether stops. It seems to fail at the PDC code after it has found the kernel, and just hangs. It also does the same if i try to boot it into single user mode or attempt to rebuild the server from dvd media.

the message on the screen when the system hangs is:
alloc_pdc_pages:Relocating PDC from 0xf0f0000000 to 0x3fb00000

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Re: Problem with L class booting

Itdoes take some time while going through this relocation, but if it NEVER finishes there is usually a hardwar eissue.
This is where the server is (as the line displays) relocating the PDC from one memory location to another, and it may be that there is a memory issue.
These server have a PDT (Page Deallocatuion Table) where they can deallocate suspect memory pages, but it can only handle up to 50 entries.
It is possible that these 50 entries are full, and the server has hit a suspect memory area and is trying to relocate it, but cannot.

I would call HP and place a hardware call and get it checked out.
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Re: Problem with L class booting

Hi John,

Error mentioned is not enough to determine the cause of this issue, better u contact HP asap collect the pim information and forward the same to the HP Remote CE

Could you please attach the exact error message reported on the system.

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Re: Problem with L class booting


It would help if you could post the output from the GSP error logs aswell, the last 6 anyway.

Many things can cause this, and gsp logs would be agood starting point. Also what is the configuration? how much memory and processors and total of IO cards installed.

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Re: Problem with L class booting

Get a GSP firmware upgrade. Work around is to reset the the server from the GSP instead of rebooting from the O/S. Chances are you've made some upgrades, like to PDC, STM and EMS, and now you're out of sync. Get everything to the same level of current reccommended patches and you'll boot faster.
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