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Problem with model string for RP3440

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Lynn Storey_1
Occasional Advisor

Problem with model string for RP3440

purchased a used RP3440 without a processor. Ordered a 1GHZ processor. Installed it and the system powered up into the config utility, and queried for a model string. Now it is pretty much non functional. It says there is a mis-match between the model and the processor that is in it. Now it asks for a password to get into the configuration utility.

My question is should it have gone directly into the configuration utility on initial power up and what can or should I do to correct this ??

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440


in answer to the question, no it shouldnt have really as it was a used system. It sounds like the system has had a system board change, and thus never set.

or was a remarketed fru system.

I have heard of this before though when a system was originally set up to use PA8900 proc and then PA8800 ones were tried to be used for testing. This rp34xx also gave the mismatch proc error. Its as though it doesnt expect you to downgrade the system with processors, and your problem may not have anything to do with you setting the model string and serial number.

once it has been set you need HP to change it.

What did you enter for the product number and s/n? the correct ones or just blank?

you can change the original and current product numbers in the service menu of BCH at PDC.

see this link,


its about changing the system board but gives you the correct steps for setting the right bits needed.

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440

You have a pa-risc based system without an efi shell or a sysset command ...

If the values are still blank, go to the service menu in BCH and run "init". This will allow you to set the values (read them from the sticker). If the values are already set, you need to ask hp support for help.

Hope this helps!

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Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440

Go to BCH Menu and enter ser

Then enter ss_update

This is ask you for a Lockword and a Password
Enter Them

If the server is Under warranty contact HP for the password else Post the lockword

SS_update Menu: Enter command > sysmo

Enter the corrosponding number

and hence the Model string can be changed.
Lynn Storey_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440

It is out of warranty. The lockword is Zdfbd6dd4

My question is what model do I pick from the sysmo model list? Do i pick #1 or do I pick #5 because I only have one processor. In my mind I would pick #1 because I would be able to add another processor later vs choice #5.

Yhe board in the system is part number A7137-80001, and has 2 processor sockets. Only one socket is populated.

The processor is a PA8800 dual core 1GHZ.

The part number for the processor is AB354A/AB354-62001
Lynn Storey_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440

OOPS, I made a typo in the part number for the system board, it should be A7136-80001.
Lynn Storey_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440

I was checking on the warranty for this box and found that it was still in warranty even though I yhought it had already expierd. I will paste below a section from the warranty page at HP's website.

Serial number DEH47303YB
Product number A7137AR
Product line HP 9000 Solutions
Product description Rmkt HP server rp3440-4 Solution
Date of warranty check 28 Mar 2008

Warranty type Service type Start date End date Status Service level Deliverables
Base Warranty Wty: HP HW Maintenance Onsite Support
31 Jul 2007 29 Aug 2008 Active Standard Material Handling, Global Coverage, NextAvail TechResource Remote, Std Office Hrs Std Office Days, NextAvail TechResource Onsite, Next Cov Day Onsite Response, Standard Parts Logistics, No Usage Limitation Onsite Support, Parts and Material provided, Hardware Problem Diagnosis

Sorry for the confusion on this.
Lynn Storey_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440

Since it is still under warranty can you guys give me the password to get into the SS_UPDATE utility ??
Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with model string for RP3440

Hi Lynn,

I would only select the choice in "sysmo" for what you actaully have installed. I wouldn't "activate" the second socket if you don't have a core to put in it.
The machine may be "unhappy" if it can't find a second core physically installed in the socket.

(the output from "sysmo" can change depending on what version of firmware is on the machine - so i wouldn't like to speculate as to which option to choose from the menu - you will have the make the choice based on the fact you have an RP3440, 1x PA8800 Dual Core 1Ghz)