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Problem with new CPU install

Victor Burguillos_4
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Problem with new CPU install

I have a problem, I have a L3000 with a one CPU.
We try to install a new CPU in the system but, the OS don't show the new CPU installed, I was update the firmware version, but nothing.
What can I Do?
Anybody help me????
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Re: Problem with new CPU install

Some things to consider
1. Are you installing it in the next numbered cpu slot?
2. Do you know the CPU is good?
3. Is the second CPU the same speed as the first CPU?
4. Does it show up in ISL hardware info?
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Re: Problem with new CPU install

The first CPU must be in slot 0, the second in slot 2 - please check!

Hope this helps!

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Re: Problem with new CPU install

Hi Victor,

Sure. If the model is definitely an rp5470 then follow below. If it's another rp5xxx type then we'll need to know exactly which model it is because the cpu order is different on other rp5xxx systems.

Make sure the power is completely removed (ac power cords unplugged) or you could damage the new cpu module(s).

L-3000 (rp5470):

CPUs must be installed in the following slot number order: For
rp5470: slots 0, 2, 1, 3

(For rp5400 and rp5450 single CPU configurations, a processor terminator must be installed in slot 3. The terminator is not required for rp5430 and rp5470.)

So if you have a terminator in one of the slots then it's not an rp5470 and the model string will have to be provided so we know which system you have.