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Problems with PowerTrust A2997A UPS

Thomas Lawton_1
Occasional Visitor

Problems with PowerTrust A2997A UPS

I have had this UPS a while, but no power cable. I recently got my hands on one, after a year (the unit has had no use for a year). It worked fine but then i left it off for the night, and now when I turn it on the green light comes on but no AC output unless you press the test button (25-130V comes out of AC outlets for about 3 secs before turning off). It is a 240V model (UK). Recently I left the green light on overnight and it powered up, with an alarm - a beep every few seconds. I turned it off and went to bed. In the morning it had reverted back to the green light - no AC power. There are no warning lights on either.
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with PowerTrust A2997A UPS

The batteries are probably dead. Like most rechargeable batteries, they have a limited life and can be degraded if left discharged for long periods. It is also possible there is an electronics failure in the UPS.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin