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Questions on VPARs and rp8400

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Questions on VPARs and rp8400

I am trying to bring up a two vpar setup in a rp8400 machine. The machine is a two processor two NIC and two disk system. There are no FC connectivity but some FC controllers are present.

IOscan is attached.

I have the following queries.
How do you assign resources to a lba? All my resources are in 0/0/0. To use with vpars I need to have resources in another lba like 0/0/12 right? How do I do that? Can I do it via command line?

Second,what is the correct syntax to assign CPU to a VPAR?
I tried

vparcreate -p p1 -a cpu::1 -a cpu:10
Is that correct?

Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Questions on VPARs and rp8400


for vpar, you can assign LBAs (local bus adapters) to virtual partition. A local bus adapter is f.e. 0/0/0 (class ba). If all your disks are below this LBA, you cannot use them in two vpars but only in one. => You're right, you have to move some recources to another LBA. This is a hardware movement and cannot be done via a command (install an add. SCSI card or plug a disk on the existing SCSI card 0/0/12) or use the COMPAQ disk for the 2nd vpar. To create the vpars try:

vparcreate -p p1 -a CPU::1 -a CPU::1:2 -a mem::256 -a io:0/0/0 -a io:0/0/0/2/0.6.0:boot

This creates a vpar "p1" with min 1 CPU, max 2 CPUs and actual 1 CPU, 256 MB memory, one LBA (0/0/0) and a boot disk. You can add more LBAs with FC cards etc. if you want (can be done also later but only with reboot). CPU's can be added online (OK, you only have one).
A 2nd possible partition might be:

vparcreate -p p2 -a CPU::1 -a CPU::1:2 -a mem::256 -a io:0/0/6 -a io:0/0/12 -a io:0/0/12/0/0.9.0

This adds a 2nd partition with the 1000 Base-T NIC and the Compaq disk as boot disk.

More information is available on:


Best regards