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Re: Quick question

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Quick question

I have a quick question, is S16K-A and rp8400 are same?

My other question is that is that possible to go on a cell based server like rp8400 without creating npars and vpars on it?
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Re: Quick question

>>S16K-A and rp8400 are same?

I don't think so.

Superdomes -- http://www.hp.com/products1/servers/scalableservers/superdome/comparison.html

rp series including rp8400 -- http://www.hp.com/products1/servers/9000_discontinued.html

>>is that possible to go on a cell based server like rp8400 without creating npars and vpars on it?

You need at least 1 NPAR on a cell based server for it to function. That NPAR can contain ALL hardware in the system. You can then install HP-UX to the NPAR and have a fully functioning system.

You do not need any VPARs. HP-UX can run just fine on the single, all encompassing NPAR.
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Re: Quick question

S16K-A is superdome, right?

Can we do ignite on S16K-A and restore it on rp8400?

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Re: Quick question

Yes, S16K-A is a 16 processor Superdome.

As to the Ignite tape.... Maybe. The only thing I can advise is to try it. It might work and it might not.
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Re: Quick question

my rp8400 servers respond as S16K-A to command 'model'

SxxK-A is a representation of cell based servers I was told at one time but can not remember who told this to me. Most probably somebody from HP response Center.

So, likelihood of your ignite image working on an rp8400 is quite high I suppose.
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Re: Quick question

Igiting from a SD to rp8400 will depend on your nPar configuration. If they're identical or very close I can't see why it will not work.


Re: Quick question

This WP gives some guidelines on cloning a system to different hardware:




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Re: Quick question

The model string of a rp8400 is "9000/800/S16K-A".

Hope this helps!

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Re: Quick question

yes, S16K-A is the model for rp8400,

The nPar is setup in factory by default. Otherwise you can create it from MP using the CC command.
But you can always modify it after setting up the initial OS onto it.