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RE: N4000 upgrade memory

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Charles Ooi Chia Lun
Occasional Advisor

RE: N4000 upgrade memory

Dear all the expert,
I wish to upgrade the 2 pieces of 1GB Ram. Please advise at the hardware and software site, what should i do? what's the pre-caution that i should take? any picture or video can show the real scenario that happen? any idea or helps will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

-kindest regards-
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: RE: N4000 upgrade memory


Here you find the manual off the rp7400


Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: RE: N4000 upgrade memory


Its relatively easy with the n4000, especially as you only have 1 pair of memory dimms.

You can just purchase more from HP or HP reseller and install it yourself.
Remove the top cover and you will see a memory carrier board.
Remove this lifting upwards and place on anti-static workplace/bench.
Install new memory in next available slots
Your existing memeory should be in 0A/0B, new memeory goes in 1A/1B,2A/2B and so on.
Replace memory carrier board and top cover and power up server. Stop at PDC level to stop server booting.
At main menu type
in me
This will list all memory dimms and you should see all memory modules listed. If all present then boot pri to boot hpux.

When you recieved the server there should be a hardware documentation cd that came with it. This has the procedure/pictures and some small videos for upgrading the system aswell.

More info can all be found at www.docs.hp.com

Joseph Loo
Honored Contributor

Re: RE: N4000 upgrade memory

hi charles,

i just upgraded a rp7400 with this doc:


refer to pg 149.

what you do not see does not mean you should not believe
Charles Ooi Chia Lun
Occasional Advisor

Re: RE: N4000 upgrade memory

Hi everybody,
Thank you very much for your helps.
i.) Can i know how to go into the PDC ?
ii.) what's PDC means?
iii.) After i managed to get into PDC, how can i verify and tested the ram is working fine?

Please advise and provide any idea.. Thank you and have a nice day .

-kindest regards-
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: RE: N4000 upgrade memory

PDC means Processor Dependent Code and is also known as the processor ROM code. It provides access to the hardware without booting anything from the disk. When you turn on the computer, the first messages you see are from the PDC. To stop at the PDC code, you watch the screen as the system is first booted and look for the "Hit any key within 10 seconds to interrupt the boot process" or a similar message. This message occurs just after the processor selftests have been completed and an summary of the processors and RAM are displayed. You can type help to see the available commands in the PDC.

Note that the new memory is automatically tested every time you boot up. Uncorrectable errors in memory will cause the PDC to stop booting and display the error codes. If the summary message displays the new size of RAM correctly, all your new memory has been tested successfully.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Ted Buis
Honored Contributor

Re: RE: N4000 upgrade memory

Always use an anti-static strap when working inside systems. Also, the N-class can have up to four memory carriers. Each time you add a carrier and put memory in it, you increase the memory bandwidth. Whether you get any gain depends on your application and how many processors and I/O, you have. As a general rule, I recommend a memory carrier for every two processors, but in some cases one carrier per processor is best up to the maximum of 4 carriers. You are unlikely to see much of a gain from more than 1 carrier per processor.
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