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RP 3410 will not power on anymore

Shane Gainer_1
Occasional Visitor

RP 3410 will not power on anymore

Odd problem,

An RP 3410 will no longer power up via commands from the MP, or from just pushing the button on the front panel.

When the PC command menu is entered and "ON" is typed in all seems well until I go back to the PC menu and still see the status as "OFF"

I can hear very very faint beeps coming from the server when I try to power it up, so I guess that has something to do with this.

Any thoughts on this, or pointers?



Firmware Revision E.03.15 Feb 18 2005,20:09:34


Current System Power State: Off

Power Control Menu:
C - Power Cycle
ON - Power On
OFF - Power Off

Enter menu item or [Q] to Quit: ON

System will be powered on.
Confirm? (Y/[N]): Y

-> System is being powered on.

MP:CM> ps

System Power state: Off
Temperature : Normal

Power supplies | Fan
# State Type | States
0 Normal Type 0 | Normal
1 Not Installed - | Normal
Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: RP 3410 will not power on anymore

An issue like this can SOMETIMES be due to the BMC not getting a response from a CPU when powered on, (ie, a failed CPU).

Have a look at the MP Error logs to see if any indications are given as to why it powers off again so soon.
Marcel Burggraeve
Trusted Contributor

Re: RP 3410 will not power on anymore

The faint beeps coming from the system actually represent some kind of an error code.
It seems HP engineers have some kind of device which can translate those beeps to an actual code.
However, so far I've never seen any field engineer use a device or something like that to translate them.
They just replace hardware so maybe those beeps are only examined at the fatory when a faulty system(board) gets back there.

In your case I would just log a support call at HP.
Shane Gainer_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: RP 3410 will not power on anymore

Solution Summary:

My thanks to everyone who took a moment to toss me some advice about this.

In the end it turned out to be the power supply was faulty, although it produced absolutely no signs of failure what so ever aside from the fact that it just did not power up the OS.

Here is what the error looks like in "System Event" log on the MP:

Log Entry 0: 18 May 2007 06:49:49
Alert Level 2: Informational
Keyword: Type-02 127003 1208323
Chassis Control request to BMC via IPMI or sensor
Logged by: Baseboard Management Controller;
Sensor: System Event
Data2: OEM Code2: 0x07
0x20464D4C8D020010 0781A37000120300

Log Entry 1: 18 May 2007 06:50:00
Alert Level 5: Critical
Keyword: Type-02 020706 132870
Voltage critical level - Check all boards with this voltage
Logged by: Baseboard Management Controller;
Sensor: Voltage - Power Good
Data1: transition to Non-recoverable
0x20464D4C98020020 00000607D6020300

Not exactly detailed. To be honest my first intuition was something in the PCI riser may be defective, or maybe a CPU (as Phil Ward had mentioned in the first reply to the thread) required a reseat.

Also Marcel Burggraeve was correct about the beeps. They are some kind of diagnostic feature that is not used on a RP 3410, but conveniently reacts to certain faults on the box making it just a tad useless?

By the way an RX2600 Power Supply was used to replace the faulty one since the box had no more support.