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RP2405 with RAID 4Si problem

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RP2405 with RAID 4Si problem

we are having problem in RP2405 which is having raid 4si controller & Ds2300 connected , now it is shwoing exteranl all drives faulty in IRM , if i connect to another POrt of Raid 4si then it is showing all drives read but doesnt show logical volume.
is there any way we can recover logiocal volume.
please advice urgently.

Re: RP2405 with RAID 4Si problem

If you are capable of seeing the drives try

mkdir /dev/vg-tmp
mknod /dev/vg-tmp/group c 64 0x200000
vimport /dev/dsk/driveaddress /dev/vg-tmp

the try vgchange /dev/vg-tmp -a y
vgdisplay -v /dev/vg-tmp

if that works just dump the stuff you just created and redo it with someone that sounds more professional.