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RP3410 won't power up

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Lynn Storey_1
Occasional Advisor

RP3410 won't power up

System will not power up from the MP command prompt or physically pressing the power switch. The vfp says the all the fans and power supplies are ok. The system led is blinking red, but I don't know what the diagnostic leds are showing. This system is remote to me.

I can try to see if I can get a dump of the system event log.

Anything else you guys can tell me to look at??

Thanks in advance!!!

OK, I just got some codes I will paste them below.......
133 BMC 2 0x2047F3A7F8020870 FF00C06F0C230300 Type-02 236f00 2322176
02 Apr 2008 15:36:24
132 BMC *3 0x2047F3A5A4020860 FFFF016F41080300 Type-02 086f01 552705
02 Apr 2008 15:26:28
131 BMC *3 0x2047F3A5A4020850 FFFF016F40080300 Type-02 086f01 552705
02 Apr 2008 15:26:28
130 BMC *5 0x2047F3A5A3020840 FFFF0307CD020300 Type-02 020703 132867
02 Apr 2008 15:26:27
129 BMC 2 0x2047F3A5A2020830 FFFF056FFA220300 Type-02 226f05 2256645
02 Apr 2008 15:26:26
128 BMC *5 0x2047F3A5A2020820 FFFF0307CE020300 Type-02 020703 132867
02 Apr 2008 15:26:26
127 BMC 2 0x20478C9DA9020810 FFFF0103FDC00300 Type-02 c00301 12583681
15 Jan 2008 11:48:57
126 BMC 2 0x20478C9DA8020800 FFFF027000120300 Type-02 127002 1208322
15 Jan 2008 11:48:56
125 BMC 2 0x20478C2CA00207F0 FFFF0103FDC00300 Type-02 c00301 12583681
15 Jan 2008 03:46:40

Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: RP3410 won't power up

Hi Lynn,

Its difficult to be specific, but you appear to be getting errors reported for BOTH PSU's (if indeed you have two PSU's)
I would suggest a visual check that power cables are properly seated initially.
Check the output of MP>CM>PS

(Both PSU's are reported as failed or disconnected from supply !)

Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: RP3410 won't power up

......but there must be some power otherwise you wouldn't be able to get the error logs.

Visual check needed i think.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: RP3410 won't power up

it's complaining some voltage degraded issue with power supply 1. power supply 2 also indicate some error. please check your power input. you can also verify it with the PS command from the CM>
Lynn Storey_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: RP3410 won't power up

The server has 2 power supplies. Looks like one of the power supplies was holding the other down. It would power up when one of the supplies was pulled, add the other one back and it would not.

Thanks for your response.
Respected Contributor

Re: RP3410 won't power up

Hi Lynn,

Apologize for lat response.

I have analysis Ur systems MP event logs. Here is the comment for analysis report:-
Event type=Assertion event: Discrete-severity
"Voltage degraded to non-recoverable level from less severe."

Action Plan:
1. Unplug the power source cord.
2. Take five minutes then plug the power cord.
3. Login MP LAN mode
4. Type MP>CM---MP:CM>PC----T---OFF then after 30 to 40 second later ----T----ON
5. Check the system boot up properly (MP LAN main menu MP>VFP)
6. If the system properly boot up then U clear the event log

[Note: Before doing the above jobs please cross check with Ur electric technician Ur power voltage rating in both server power source]

Hope fully it will help for U.

HP Support!!!