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RP3440 ILO not accessible via http

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RP3440 ILO not accessible via http

I'm not sure if this would fall under server or software, but we have an RP3440 that's not responding to http requests to the ILO. I can access via CLI, but web attempts just hang. I *thought* I saw a quick flash of a message about a certificate error, but it was only once, and only for a very brief time, so I can't be sure.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: RP3440 ILO not accessible via http

Through the iLO MP CLI, you can both refresh the certificate if it has expired, and reboot the iLO processor while the main server keeps running.

After logging into the CLI, go to Command Menu (CM).

HE LI (= help list) will list all the available commands.


For refreshing the certificate, you'll want Security Options (SO), then L. View the certificate parameters and expiration time, then proceed to recreate the certificate if necessary.


The iLO processor can be rebooted from the Command Menu by entering XD, then R.


Re: RP3440 ILO not accessible via http

Thanks for the instructions. I got a cert generated, but now when I try to connect it says:

Application Blocked by Security Settings

and at the bottom it says Your security settings have blocked an application from running with an insecrure or expired JRE. The cert I generated expires in 2015.

Current SSL Certificate Status:
     SSL Certificate        : Generated
     Certificate Expiration : Jun 28 2015


not sure how to check for "insecure" cert.

 I can connect to our other HP ILOs fine.


Re: RP3440 ILO not accessible via http

Follow up: based on input from Professor Google, it looks like it *may* be an issue with the java version on my winblows workstation. Unfortunately the Windiots who manage our company systems dont trust us to update Java on our own, so we're blocked from the external java site, we have to wait for them to get around to updating java for us. 

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Re: RP3440 ILO not accessible via http

Was about to reply saying just that....


Try adjusting your Java security settings from the Java entry in your Control Panel.  That had worked for me for a similar issue, but may differ depending on your version of Java installed.



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