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RP3440 Maximum memory supported

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RP3440 Maximum memory supported

Hello Expert,


I have Rp3440 having product number A7137A server with hp-ux 11.23. Now we got a request from oracle to upgrade the memory.

Currently server have 16GB memory as follows, 2GB on slot 0A,OB,1A & 1B and 1GB on remaining 8 slots. Now we need to upgrade the memory to 32GB on both the server.


My query are as follows:

1. Is 32GB supported on rp3440? (I saw 2 documents from HP service manual, 1 is saying maximum memory supported is 24 GB while other says maximum memory supported 32GB. Got confused)


2. How can I get the part number for the memory as server is in production so can't check it physically.


Thanks for any help in advance. Need it very urgently.





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Re: RP3440 Maximum memory supported

See the quickspecs:


Memory Configuration

The HP 9000 rp3440 supports DDR (double data rate) SyncDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) DIMMs with ECC and chip spare protection. The HP 9000 rp3440 has twelve DIMM slots. A maximum of 32 GB is supported.




Hope this helps!

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