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RP3440 errors

Eric Firkey
Regular Advisor

Re: RP3440 errors

The CPU installed is A7138AX which is PA8800

How do you downgrade the system if that is what is needed?
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: RP3440 errors

A7138AX this is a non HP CPU made in china somewhere.

There is a A7138A PA8800 CPU made for either a RP3410 or a RP3440

The HP part number for the PA8900 CPU for the RP3440 is A9954A

Note: I think you're going to have to record all the part numbers, DIMS, BOARDS, CPUs, etc. and cross reference them to each. Somewhere you've got a mismatch.

For example, maybe you should have bought the A9954A instead of the A713AX. In fact, this might be the easiest path forward.
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Re: RP3440 errors

The system downgrade is possible if you know the license key which was used earlier during upgrade besides system serial number.

The system downgrade can be done using command

BCH Main Menu > service > downgrade

Then you would nee to provide correct the serial number and appropriate license key which then allows you to downgrade. Then restart the system.


Re: RP3440 errors

Can you clean up the log and only give alert levels of 3 and up in text?