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RP3440 not able to boot up

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RP3440 not able to boot up


i have seen this error message on system logs:

Log Entry 127: 28 Jul 2010 17:14:18
Alert Level 3: Warning
An error has occurred while enabling machine check traps on a CPU
Logged by: System Firmware 1
Data: Status return from PDC function call
0x7780130901E00920 0000000300000002

What does it means?
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Re: RP3440 not able to boot up


Can you attach the below mentioned MP logs..


Looks like you have a faulty CPU on the box, you can try disabling one of the CPU from BCH and check if the system boots up.

At BCH select Configuration Menu select CPUconfig off

Best Regards,

Best Regards,
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Re: RP3440 not able to boot up

There is also the output from the live events taken during the boot up:

SFW 0 0 0x160012FD00E00000 0000000000000000 CPU_ENB_SHRD_CACHE
SFW 1 0 0x160012FD01E00000 0000000000000001 CPU_ENB_SHRD_CACHE
SFW 0 0 0x1700130100E00000 8000000100000000 CPU_API_WARNING
SFW 1 0 0x1700130101E00000 8000000100000000 CPU_API_WARNING
SFW 0 0 0x160012FA00E00000 00000000000001FF CPU_DIS_MACH_CHK
SFW 1 0 0x160012FA01E00000 00000000000001FF CPU_DIS_MACH_CHK
SFW 0 0 0x160012F900E00000 0000000000000007 CPU_ENB_MACH_CHK
SFW 1 0 0x160012F901E00000 0000000000000007 CPU_ENB_MACH_CHK
SFW 0 *3 0x7780130900E00980 0000000300000002 CPU_ENB_MACH_CHK_FAILURE
29 Jul 2010 09:58:04
SFW 1 *3 0x7780130901E009A0 0000000300000002 CPU_ENB_MACH_CHK_FAILURE
29 Jul 2010 09:58:04
SFW 0 0 0x030010D500E00000 0000000000000000 CPU_STOP
SFW 1 0 0x030010D501E00000 0000000000000000 CPU_STOP

As you can see i'm not able to boot the server, neither to get access to boot prompt on console.

Output from ps command:

System Power state: On
Temperature : Normal

Power supplies | Fan
# State Type | States
1 A/C Disconnected or Out of Range Type 0 | Normal
2 Normal Type 0 | Normal
3 - - | Normal
4 - - | Normal
5 - - | Normal
6 - - | Normal
7 - - | Normal
8 - - | Normal

Output from the ss command:


System Processor Status:

Monarch Processor: 0

Processor Module 0: Not Installed
Processor Module 1: Not Installed

Basically this server is a two processors dual core, but a few days ago the system was down and i'm not to able to boot it since then. I've switch position of the processors in the main board, but didn't work. Now i have only one processor in the position 0 but it seems the server didn't install/configure it properly.

Is there anything else i could try before replace the hardware?
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Re: RP3440 not able to boot up

I guess you have a faulty CPU which is not allowing your system bootup.

You can try disabling one of the cpu from BCH and try booting up, if it does not then try the same procedure with the other cpu.

As a last option you can try replacing the CPU with a new one.

Best Regards,