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RP34xx Connecting Modem to MP/iLO F/W E.03.15


RP34xx Connecting Modem to MP/iLO F/W E.03.15

Server: RP3440
F/W Latest MP and PDC E.03.15

We are trying to connect a Multitech Modem (5600ZDXe) to the server for OS only logins on the remote support port. (No Remote Console Enabled)

It all works fine but will not reset properly when the user logs off. The getty resets but subsequent logins get no prompt. Reset the getty and all is OK. Very strange.

We have followed the TKB document ID: KBRC00011647 for the old GSP on the N/L servers but it has not improved things.

We do have one of these working OK on an earlier pre-iLO version of the MP on a RP3410 and are wondering if the iLO change is the cause.

Any ideas or working configurations much appreciated.

Tech Support