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RP5450 mods necessary for Ultra320 HDD

Joe Robinson_2
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RP5450 mods necessary for Ultra320 HDD

I'm looking at purchasing some extra disk for a RP5450 I'm standing up for testing. What mods are necessary to use a HDD w/ the Ultra320 vs Ultra 160?

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Re: RP5450 mods necessary for Ultra320 HDD

You will need a SCSI HBA and a supported disk chassis, e.g.

A7173A and a MSA30.

It's not possible for the internal disks.

Hope this helps!

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Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: RP5450 mods necessary for Ultra320 HDD

If this system is under hardware support by HP, You very probably won't be allowed to run a U320 disk on the internal disk slots (the core I/O is U160 or U2W, I don't remember exactly). Practically this removes any (in any way theoretic) performance gain anyway, so You could consider purchasing a supported 15k U160 drive instead.

My personal recommendation goes along with the other post:
use a dual-channel U320 adapter and an external enclosure, at least if You plan on scaling the amount of disks connected to Your system.
(otherwise the U320 bandwidth gain is useless, as You won't hit 160MB/s with just one or two disks :)

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